Straw Boss Straw Pellets

Our straw pellets are dust-extracted and heat treated to reduce the presence of salmonella, bacteria, and mould. This product is ideal for all animal bedding and is especially popular in poultry barns.

Also available in bulk totes as well as bulk with spreading available for poultry barns

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Holds ten times its weight in moisture, allowing for less bedding material to be used

Heat Treated

The Straw Boss pelleted straw reduces salmonella, bacteria, and mold


With increased surface area, straw pellets allow for greater absorbency and faster drying


Straw pellets are renewable and great for the environment

Dust- Extracted

Dust-extracted straw provides a healthier animal and worker experience

animal Health

Finely chopped straw components create a softer bedding that increases animal health


Biodegrades much quicker than wood shavings which reduces the size of manure piles


The Straw Boss offers spreading services with our blower trailer

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